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just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one in delicious veggie or turkey sausage. good morning. it's tuesday, september 7th. it's 6:00. jessica kartalija in for don. sharon will check in with us in just a second. let's go to marty. >> clear skies this morning.
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sunshine through the day. 87 on its way to a high of 90f we get to 90 we'll break a record that goes back to 1988. it's very pleasant. >> hi, sharon. a few issues to talk b luckily congestion isn't one. we have a vehicle on 97 northbound at portersfield road. we have accident in the clearing stage at north carrollton. we still have a two alarm fire that's blocking hillandale road. take oak ore garrett as your alternate. a second fire, a house fire in columbia. harmel drive is closed between shadow lane and watch chain. hickory is your best bet. there's a live look at the west side of the beltway looking
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good at liberty road. problem-free in and out of the ft. mchenry tunnel. you can always log on to back to you. here's what people will be talking about today. massive flames take over several horse farms filled with thoroughbred horses. this happened at the charlestown race track in virginia. dozens of horses couldn't be saved. >> reporter: 2 horses are con -- 27 heres are confirmed dead and investigators are still shifting through the charred wreckage looking for more. >> you people need to move! the roof is on fire! >> reporter: 5 a.m. yesterday morning a horrible scene. charlestown casino visitors and neighbors saw flames shooting up to 50 feet in the air. this is cell phone video from
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one of them. trapped inside four separate barns, dozens of thoroughbred race horses. onlookers trying to pull them out. >> you talk to them and let them hear your voice. other horses knew you were there. they wanted freed also. it eats you. >> reporter: 26 horse whrs saved -- horses were saved, but 27 were not. >> they were both laying right there deceased. >> reporter: dozens of horses gone means countless money lost. >> they become part of your family, too. you get very lay taxed to them. it's kind of hard. you lose a lot of medication, equipment. there's a lot that goes with race horses. >> it's an emotional loss. most of these people will never recover. >> i feel very bad about all of this. i'm a horse lover and it breaks my heart that they lost that
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many. >> reporter: investigators may have it's too early to tell what started the fire but it appears to have started in one barn and spread to the others. jessica, back to you. >> fire investigators say the flames were spread by the wood frames and hay inside. an update on breaking news from northwest baltimore a two alarm house fire has forced the evacuation of a nursing home on hillsdale road near liberty heights. residents have been take ton another acy. there's no word on what started the fire. a man accused of stealing weapons and a hand grenade is behind bars. police found lavar ritz in baltimore city. they also found the stolen hand grenade and two handguns at a second location in windsor mills. four others had been arrested. this morning baltimore county police are trying to figure out who vandalized
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several political signs in pikesville. 10 signs belonging to sherry becker were destroyed. becker said the damage occurred sometime monday morning. each of the four by 10 feet signs cost about $150. more breaking news from colorado where a wildfire is continuing to spread. the situation on the ground continues to change but here's with we know right now. dozens of homes have already been disee stroyed, firefighters struggling to contain it because of high waned -- wind msz. hundreds of homes near boulder are affected. >> i was putting out the spot fires but once the fire storm hit and the trees ignite, the flames within the up 200 feet in the hair. >> no injuries have been reported. the dutchman charged with killing a peruvian woman and suspected in the disapoorps of
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an american teen has been charged with another crime. joran van der sloot said he did extort money from the family of natalee holloway to get back at them for quote making his life tough. holloway was last seen with van der sloot in aruba in 2005. back here dozens of firefighters, police officers and paramedics are running on la crosse country mission called the tour of duty. kai jackson explains their journey. >> reporter: september 11th, 2001, like pearl harbor, is a date that will live in infamy. more than 3,000 were killed when terrorists used commercial jets to attack america. >> in 2004 i was mobilized and in iraq for a year. when i came back, i knew i needed to do more. i needed to serve more. >> that day i remember like this was yesterday. i didn't know what to expect until i got home and seen the
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tv. >> reporter: now a group of first responders who call themselves tour of duty is running across america to honor their fallen comrades, working to make sure that the significance of september 11th is remembered and that the sacrifice of civil servants is not forgot ton -- forgotten. >> my father was killed on september 11th. he was a fireman on rescue four. >> reporter: the tour of duty team will arrive in new york appropriately enough on september 11th. for those taking part, it will be mission accomplished. for those supporting and watching them, it will be job well done. the run will cover 4600 miles across 20 states over 31 days. the team runs in shifts. of the 36 running, 20 are american. 16 are australian. rachel is a firefighter in melbourne, australia. >> i saw a fantastic opportunity to honor the people
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who gave so much on that day, so just a small part that we're all doing. >> reporter: the money the tour of duty raises will benefit a number of charities including a foundation to help the families of those first responders who died in the line of duty. it will be running through baltimore on thursday. now back to you. >> right now the runners are nearing rockville on their way to washington, d.c. they'll be coming back through baltimore later this wreak. you can track their progress using live gps. for a link, go to the orioles, as they face off against the new york yankees. the starter had another ter typhic start. roberts finishes with three hits, two r.b.i.'s. orioles win 4 will be 3. a blockbuster move bring as talented wide receiver to the
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baltimore ravens. t.j. houshmandzadeh has signed to a one-year deal days after being let go from the seattle seahawks. remember, you can watch the ravens first regular season game. the ravens and the jets live on wjz 13. football season, as we know, is here. sign up for wjz's pro football challenge. log on to match up against our team of 10 experts. you could even win a prize. go to the home page to sign up. >> i had a great time on the marty bass facebook page. i said this will be worth seven points. some of the comments were
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great. a friend put tj receiver. rose said doesn't matter. it will be shortened. >> you know what i like? when our producer puts it in phonetically this helps but this breaks it up. you almost don't know where the emphasis is. >> a name easier to read. t.j. houshmandzadeh ate lunch with us. we've got antwan, now t.j. houshmandzadeh. let's not forget mason.
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how about that? stall worth plus flacco. we are deep on offense. that tight end. how about that. let's take a look at the forecast. it's all good. arguably, he did not have a great career in seattle. here's a chance for a breath of fresh air, new life in the nfl. sunny 90 degrees, in the mid- 60s now. if we get to 90 it's going to be the 55th day this year. now we'll set a record that goes back to 1988. 13 after the hour. howhow are you? we're doing great. you know what the fans are going to chant when t.j. houshmandzadeh catches a pass. >> what.
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>> housh, housh. >> i don't disagree with that. it's going to happen. i'm telling you. >> it's great to have him here. it's more proof that the the ravens play the game off the field as good as anybody. give mark clayton a huge round of aplows. i mean that sincerely for all he did, giving it up on a weekly basis, let's not forget his contribution. now we got a pocketful of draft picks. it's all good. >> we're live in catonsville at you scream ice cream. we'll tell you why we're here, an honor for this family-run business. we got the story when the eyewitness news morning edition eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,
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twitheehr flyreshed bak ge bal tw fistsnlor o,y $3 ke li d ouricelioewus n ma totoil bas weor shoet ctecolahi cp, g sothrab ree 3 for y.toda [ ding! ]
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another nice start to a tuesday. >> it's bone dry.
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we have a fire weather watch statement in effect for the upper eastern shore, upper delaware and jersey. there's no rain other than a small chance of thunderstorms. this will be beautiful weather. 62 right now. 93% humidity. winds calm. barometer's up to 30.19. 63 oakland and elkton. 65 hagerstown. 71 packs river. 66 in easten. almost 70, kent island. 62 columbia. 63 westminster and bel air. you can see the big dome of high pressure. that's going to act as a heat pump today and tomorrow getting temperatures near 90. this cold front as it dives into the region sends us into lovely conditions for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, a great run of weather. we could use some rain. 90 will be the high this day. tonight 66, clear to partly
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cloudy. tomorrow 89 or 90, a small chance of a spotty thunderstorm. over the five-day, absolutely gorgeous. 76, 79. 82 and 83 degrees. here's tropical storm hermine. she is going to be moving right along the texas-mexico border. before not too long a big slug of moisture, unfortunately, not in a position to deliver us rain. take it away. >> thank you. let's check in with chairman at traffic control. we cleared up one accident. the latest one is on the beltway the west side outer loop. we have minor delays. you can see the sensor at 19 miles an hour. it quickly rebound. watch for a two alarm house fire. hillandale road is closed between liberty and belle. also, house fire in columbia,
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harmel drive is closed between shadow lane and watch chain way. there's a live look. still problem-free. 95 south of 100 looking busy but still moving at full speed. there's a look at the west side. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer where you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota moving forward. back to you. >> let's go out to ron. we're talking ice creesm. >> marty, you love ice cream. i've been eating ice cream like crazy recorrectly -- recently. last week usa today naming this ice cream parlor, you scream ice cream, here on frederick road in catonsville, one of the top ice cream parlors in the country. we got phil and rhonda chase, the proud proprietors and
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daughter shannon. rhonda, how are you doing. >> great to be here. >> tell us how you got the call from usa today. >> a couple weeks ago we were told by a representative from the maryland department of tourism, we were told we were going to be recommend. we didn't hear anything for awhile. we thought it was nice to be recommended. and then a couple days before publication, usa today told us we were selected. so we're walking on cloud nine. >> you have got to feel great. >> we feel wonder fool let's get to the goodies. check this out. i will give you guys -- i'll take you both to dinner if you can tell me what flavor this is. >> pistachio.
6:21 am
>> marty? >> wait. there's red in there. >> what is it, ron. >> go ahead. what is it? >> it's crazy vanilla. it comes in three wonderful colors. this is the favorite of the children that come. >> the kids love it. >> absolutely. we put a few sprinkles on top because that's how they insist on getting it. >> just real quick. never went through the purple thing. does blue vanilla compute. >> does blue have nil a come -- vanilla compute? >> most kids like vanilla ice cream. when they hear vanilla, they like the bright pretty colors. >> phil, what do we have? >> this is moose tracks.
6:22 am
>> what's in moose tracks. >> it has vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate. >> the adults like this the best. >> they love it. >> of course, you have vicinity -- vintage tv shows. >> we're always showing classical movies, hold disney show -- old disney shows. >> you work here. >> i work here, work out. my younger sister runs it with my parents. i'm a full-time professional. >> we want to say hello to kelly. >> what do we have shannon. >> we have gifts for you, don
6:23 am
and marty down at the station. >> yummy, yummy. >> all right. you scream ice cream, frederick road, catonsville, one of the top ice cream parlors in the country. >> okay. >> guys, have a great day. we'll see you. >> got to do some purple vanilla. imagine that at a tailgate. >> i like peanut butter myself. >> peanut butter is good. nothing better than taking a real spoonful of peanut butter, hershey syrup all over this. >> pretzels, so good. >> you have the m&m chocolate covered pretzels? we'll ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] mcdonald's new chicken flatbreads. all out awesome combinations of juicy, grilled chicken topped with roasted garlic aioli and a natural four-cheese blend. mcdonald's chicken flatbreads. the simple joy of new discoveries. ♪ going green to save some green. here's mary bubala helping you be an energy saver. >> scrape your dishes before washing them. most dishwashers can thoroughly clean dishes that just have been scraped.
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remember to run a full load and use the air dry option if available. i'm mary bubala at wjz 13 helping you be an energy saver. >> for more information, go to and click on our special section on the home page. still to come on the morning edition, the $50 billion proposal. president obama outlines another plan to bring the nation back from a recession, but many aren't pleased. >> reporter: horror at the race track. dozens of horses die in a fast moving fire. i'ming if you fopping. that story just ahead. sharon gibala looking at traffic. we'll have details on that one straight head. let's send it over to marty. >> ladies and gentlemen he's in the house. colby kingston from the wwe. we forget the fact that you're
6:28 am
a patriots fan. he said he's going to kick your butt. he said you're a patriots fan. >> preseason trash talk. that's cool. >> we'll sit down at 6:45. ,,,,,
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it is the bottom of the hour. >> is it monday night or thursday? we start the season in two days. >> i can't wait to go down there. >> keep this in mind. you're not going to have a home game until the end of november. who put this nfl schedule together? we'll talk about that. going to move this thing along.
6:32 am
let's take a look at the day part. sunshine. it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. if we get to 90, that will be the 55th time. that will tie the record with 1988. take it away. >> all right. let's go to sharon in traffic control. good morning, sharon. >> good morning. not such a great morning on the west side of the beltway. we have a picture of an accident. it was originally reported apreviousing -- approaching frederick. it is blocking the left lane there as well. traffic getting by the accident just fine, but you will find delays approaching the accident. there's a look at your speed sensors. the delay extends beyond 70 and
6:33 am
will cost 10 minutes. meantime, we have a two alarm house fire block hillandale. take owning or garrison as your alternates. one other house fire on harmel drive closed between shadow and watch chain. take hict ri to watch chain way to get -- hickory to watch chain way to get around there. that earlier vehicle fire that we had at quarterfield is clear. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota and your local toit tote dealer where you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota moving forward. back over to you. a less involved shooting in the parking lot of a busy shopping center. police said an office are was defending himself as the machine attacked. derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: police swarmed the
6:34 am
kings point square. if all started when police were called by someone reporting something suspicious in the parking lot. the first office are arriving didn't have to look far for the suspect because the suspect found him. >> upon the officer getting out of his car, the suspect immediately approached the officer and started attacking the officer. there eventually was a struggle over the officer's weapon. >> reporter: police say right about that time a second officer pulled up on the scene. he noticed his fellow officer in trouble. he pulled out his gun and shot the suspect twice in the chest. it attracted a lot of attention. county councilman kenneth oliver lives nearby. >> my wife said you better see what's going on. >> we've been here eight years. this is the first he letter is we've heard of something like this. >> reporter: he is now feeling alarmed by the police shooting.
6:35 am
>> i hope that the person they did shoot will be okay. >> reporter: so far, the police have not released information on the isn't has oat -- identity. >> the office are who fired the shot is on made leave pending an investigation. at least 27 horses are all confirmed dead killed in a fast moving barn fire. the scene is familiar to many behind the charlestown race track in virginia. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: good morning. investigators say this fire spread quickly because of all the hay and wood frames inside the barn. they say when they arrived on the scene early yesterday morning, they knew dozens of horses were already likely dead. >> you people need to move! the roof is on fire! >> reporter: 5 a.m. yesterday morning, a horrible
6:36 am
scene. charlestown casino vesttors and neighbors saw flames shooting up to 5 feet in the air. this is cell phone video from one of them. trapped inside four separate barns, dozens of race horses. >> you talk to them. let them hear your voice. other horses knew somebody was there lead lag horse or whatever. they wanted freed also. just that thought of knowing you can't go back into that barn -- it eats you. >> reporter: 26 horses were saved, but 27 were not. >> they were both laying right there. we found them. they were both laying there already deceased. >> reporter: dozens of horses gone also means countless money lost. >> they become a part of your family, too. you get very attached to them. that's kind of hard and you lose a lot of medication, equipment. there's a lot that goes with race horses. >> it's an emotional loss. most of these people over here,
6:37 am
they'll never recover eye feel very bad about all this. i mean, i'm a horse lover. it break my heart that they lost that many. >> reporter: now many of those horses are owned by people who live in the area. in addition to the value of the horses, the damage to the barns is estimated at more than a million dollars. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. fire investigators say the fire started in one barn and spread to the others. the wood frames and hay inside fueled those flames. president obama lays out his road to economic recovery literally. at a rally yesterday in milwaukee the president proposed a new $50 billion program to create jobs by rebuilding roads, railways and runways. some republicans say the program is too little too late. >> these last-minute maneuvers are going to be accepted by americans as tactics. they're not going to make a difference in people's daily lives. >> the president is in
6:38 am
cleveland tomorrow pitching a plan to give research and development tax credits to small businesses. to the big apple as buck showalter and the orioles face off against the yankees. roberts finishes with a pair of two outs r.b.i. singles. 4-3 is the final. and football action, the university of maryland taking on navy, and the game comes down it to this play. maryland stops rookie doobs. maryland gets the win in a nail bite erwining 17-1 -- biter winning 17-14. >> the page gentry -- pageantry
6:39 am
when navy comes to town. i was at the pool yesterday, getting one last day in, people were leaving the pool at 4:00 to go watch that game. on labor day on a day that beautiful, when a fan says i want to go watch the game, go inside, what does that tell you. it was a great day. listen, coming up one of the good guys in town, kofi kingston. >> what's up, man. >> it's all good. it's all good. we're letting you in here, even though you're a patriots fan. >> i got to represent. what can i say. >> we respect that. the only question is -- then we have to get into the break -- the patriots coming back as a wild card? >> we have to see what happens.
6:40 am
i can't call it. all right, man. all right. i'll take that. >> kofi's a good -- good guy. one of the great bloggers for wwe, kofi kingston. we have sharon gibala with traffic control. we got first warning weather. tell us what we're looking at right after this. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales
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or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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17 before the hour. we have to start with watches and advisories. it's bone dry. there's no real rain in the forecast for the next four days. upper delaware and most of jersey. again, it's going to be a beautiful week but a dry one. 62. 93% humidity.
6:44 am
winds calm. barometer at 30.19. mid-50s cumber land. mid-60s easten and hagerstown. 70 at the ocean. 62 columbia. 59 westminster. 63 in bel air. you can see the area of this high that's getting ready to act as a heat pump and take to us 90 today and potentially 90 tomorrow. this sets us up with absolutely beautiful conditions. if we can keep up this trend of real gentle sunny weather, it will almost make up for the rudeness of the season. we'll get there the 55th time, 66 tonight. that's a 30% chance of a spotty thunderstorm. go for a humid high. look what happens when the cold front comes through. 82 and 83. absolutely gorgeous weather. got to go down to the tropics,
6:45 am
the caribbean. all part of the intertropical convergence zone. this is hermine, right along the texas-mexico border. take it away. >> marty, thank you. sharon is following a major backup on the beltway. good morning. it is a major backup but the accident doesn't look that bad. there's a look at the accident scene on the west side at the outer loop approaching edmondson. this is blocking two lanes and causing quite a backup. 35 minutes at this point all the way back to 795. there's a look at your speed censors much the average speed, 11 miles an hour, so a 35- minute backup. we have that fire activity that has more roads shut down. liberty heights is closed.
6:46 am
hillandale remains closed between liberty heights and belle. hayden is closed. harmel drive closed between shad dhow lane and watch chain way. you're looking at delays on 795 southbound. this is because of that accident on the west side. lingering delays are headed up into 795 from owings mills. it's looking more like this should. and it's very jammed on the west side. 35 minutes on the west side between 795 and edmondson. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. toyota, buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. back to you. >> kofi kingston welcome.
6:47 am
got smackdown tonight. tickets available starting at $20. >> yeah, man. it's going to be a great show. we got the undertake are -- undertaker and cane. they're brothers. the first time the undertaker will be back in the ring. it will be great. >> you ever let your brother have it? all the time. >> i have a question for you because i have never been to one of these. so if you're a rookie -- i have to show this picture. >> look at this stallion. >> i can get you guy has pair of these tights if you want to sport them. >> marty has them already.
6:48 am
>> custom. i'll get you a nice pair so you won't be embarrassed by these. get your name on them. >> aside from what you guys are wearing, what kind of things do you look for if you are a rookie? >> it's great. it's a combination of a lot of things. it's a rock concert, fireworks display, comedy, drama. you have guys with biceps as big as mine and bigger. to see guys like this up close and personal, guys like cane and the undertaker, it's an awesome thing to see and a great way to finish out the summer. i know school finished today but a lot of people may not want to let go of the summer yet. this is a way to hold out longer. >> how many hours a week do you
6:49 am
work out? >> how many hours. >> i don't know if the biceps and triceps show on tv. you obviously, lead a healthy life-style. >> it's important to exercise. it's important to work out and just stay healthy. it's definitely a big part of what we were do. you can't wear those tights if you don't work out. you got to work out. you got to. >> i like that. >> how many crunches? >> how many crunches, i don't know. i don't keep track. maybe a thousand. >> a thousand? >> not even close. i have no idea. >> are you a more natural athlete? >> i would always be outdoors, especially as a ci.d these days a lot of kids play video games.
6:50 am
i'm just as guilty, inside on the computer, playing video games. i was always outdoors playing football, flag football with everybody. yeah, i've always been pretty active, riding bikes. >> who said you would be perfect for this job? >> you had to do it on your own. i wanted to be nothing but a wwe superstar growing up. a lot of people don't follow their dreams. i was on that same path. i graduated school. i graduated college. i was working in the corporate world before i decided to roll the dice and give it a sho. give it a shot. if it works out, it's the best thing in the world. >> you traded out a suit for this. >> i'm wearing my tights out in the open. >> proudly.
6:51 am
>> you're right. >> absolutely. again, it's a term that gets thrown around a lot, your dreams coming true. for me being in the wwe and meeting our fans, supporters, that's one of the best parts of the job. i used to be in the crowd, wanting to be one of these guys in the ring. i'm actually doing it. >> you've got great leg moves. >> i do what i can, especially against this guy. i used to be the intercontinental champion. so i'm trying to get that back. a lot of guys, we're paul going to be there. we're all going to put on the best show possible. you zoo want to miss it. >> are you guys buddies, out of the ring? >> i hate him.
6:52 am
you ask people who you're friends with and who you are not friends with. he is not and cody rose. >> in the corporate world you put are behind their back and walk away. there you -- >> it's great. one of the many perks. >> the next time you're in town, can we hang out? >> yeah, man, appreciate. it thanks for having me on the show. >> wjz tv traffic control. we'll do first warning weather and more. >> kofi, you've got to seen this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
take a look at the forecast. we're talking about a big push of warm air coming our way. we're shooting to a high of 90. if we get there, the 55th time this year. that will be a record and go back to 1988. now to sharon gibala. take it away. absolutely. we have the accident on the west side still there even though it's on the right
6:56 am
shoulder causing a delay on the outer loop at edmondson. meantime, a new scrash, this late -- crash, this latest one. that's on the shoulder but causing a dlai. another wreck on 95 in the northbound lanes past 175. we also still have fire activity. liberty heights is closed. hillandale is closed between liberty and belle and so is hadden avenue. then harmel drive closed between shadow lane and watch chain way. 795 southbound seeing pretty significant delays between owings mills and the boulevard. 15 minutes at 16 miles an hour. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran term f you suffered a personal injury, visit cochran for a
6:57 am
free consultation. >> we'll have more on that >> we'll have more on that wildfire scorching homes in ,,,,
6:58 am
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